GKN Aerospace Newington LLC

Core Competency:
GKN Aerospace Newington LLC is the center of excellence for precision machining of turbine engine fan cases and major engine structures.  Our capabilities also include semi finished machining of Low Pressure Turbine Cases as well as rough and semi finished machining of forgings.  GKN Aerospace Newington is capable of precision machining components sized from less than a 12" cube up to 135" in diameter and specializes in 5-axis CNC turning and CNC milling of complex aerospace components from high-temperature alloys as well as aluminum and other traditional alloys.  GKN Aerospace Newington LLC is a part of GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, with global facilities in Trollhatten, Sweden and Kongsberg, Norway.    

Company Details:
179 Louis Street
Newington, CT 06032
Tel: 860-667-8502
Fax: 860-667-8503 
Website:  www.gkn.com/aerospace/supplier-info/Newington/Pages/default.aspx


Key Contacts:
Name: Martin Thorden
Title: President

Key Contacts:
Name: David Hotter
Title:  Director, Business Development

Number of Employees