Advance Welding

Core Competency:

Advance Welding offers the highest quality in welding, brazing, and fabricating services to the military and defense, aerospace, power generation and medical industries. Advance Welding is accredited with merit to the requirements of Nadcap for Fusion Welding (GTAW, Electron Beam, Laser, Resistance Welding (Spot) and Brazing (Torch and Induction), and their quality system is approved to AS9100 and ISO9001. Their metal joining expertise includes many types of welding (GTAW, GMAW, Micro-Welding, Resistance welding, Robotic welding, Orbital Welding, Electron Beam welding, Laser welding), and brazing on common and specialty metals.

Company Details:
150 Brookdale Drive
Springfield, MA 01104
Tel: (413)734-4544
Fax: (413)734-4784

Key Contacts:
Name: Chris Kielb
Title: President

Name: Melinda Mitton
Title:  Office Administrator


Number of Employees:

Special Technologies:

  •         Fusion (GTAW) Welding
  •          Robotic (GTAW) Welding
  •          Resistance Welding
  •          Glove box with Gas Purifier for Welding Titanium
  •          Orbital Welding
  •          Torch & Induction Brazing
  •           Heat Treat Furnace with Argon Atmosphere
  •           Nadcap, ISO9001, AS9100 approve
  •         FAA Repair Station