Duval Precision Grinding Inc.

Core Competency:

Duval Precision Grinding is a high-quality precision grinding service. Specializing in ID, OD, Surface, & Jig Grinding, Duval supports its customers' value streams in Aerospace & other markets. Capable of work in a variety of materials, part configurations, & lot sizes, Duval Precision Grinding will meet your engineering specifications and deliver the precise results you require.

 At Duval Precision Grinding, a top priority is making sure customers know the status of a job and can trust that the finished product will meet their specifications. Duval Precision Grinding is committed to keeping clients informed on the status of parts and striving to provide open and transparent communication from the day a part arrives to the moment it reaches its final destination.


Company Details:
940 Sheridan Street
Chicopee, MA 01022
Tel: (413) 593-3060
Fax: (413) 593-6150
Web: www.duvalgrinding.com 

Key Contacts:
Name: Raymond Provencher
Title: General Manager

Number of Employees:

Special Technologies:

  • ID & OD Grinding
  • Jig Grinding
  • Surface & Rotary Surface Grinding
  • NADCAP accredited - Conventional Machining as a Special Process (CMSP)
Duval Precision Grinding Inc. facility in Chicopee MA. Founded in 1946, Duval Precision Grinding has built a prestigious roster of client companies the old-fashioned way: through exceptional reliability and repeated, accurate results.
ID grinding is available for parts up to 30 inches in diameter and 24 inches in depth. Duval can size and finish parts up to tolerances of +/-0.0001, ensuring your part functions as designed.
Our experienced grinding experts perform all types of precision outer diameter (OD) grinding. Duval is able to provide high-tolerance OD grinding between centers on all materials, coatings, and platings, at up to 31-inch diameter and 90-inch length. For face plates, OD grinding is available up to 30 inches in diameter and 50 inches in length.
Duval Precision Grinding specializes in extreme precision grinding and utilizes cutting-edge coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) to ensure that every part meets or exceeds a client's needs.