GKN Aerospace Services Structures Corp.

Core Competency:
GKN Aerospace Services Structures LLC is the center of excellence in compression molding and assembly. We are a manufacturer of structural composite parts for aerospace applications. In joint innovation platforms, we work together as a technology leader with customers, knowledge institutes, universities and suppliers to design and industrialize advanced aerospace solutions for our customers. GKN Aerospace Services Structures LLC is a part of GKN Aerospace Engines, with global facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden and Kongsberg, Norway.

Company Details:

Company Details:
1000 Corporate Row
Cromwell, CT 06416
Tel: 860-613-0236
Fax: 860-613-1624 
Website:  www.gknaerospace.com/

Key Contacts:
Name: Sergio Moren
Title:  General Manager
Phone: 860-613-0236



Key Contacts:
Name: Lori Rece
Title:  Director of Contracts / Programs / Supply Chain

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