Hanwha Aerospace USA

Hanwha Aerospace USA is a world class, leading manufacturer of complex rotating and precision machined components for use in both commercial and military aircraft engines. Hanwha Aerospace USA also offers adjacent engine prototyping and spare part solutions to OEM and Tier 1 customers. Hanwha Aerospace USA consists of four facilities (total 500,000 sqft) all within the State of Connecticut.  We house within our operating units a diverse machining capability for components in the 10 inch to over 120 inch diameter range, including the largest, new generation fan cases along with split cases, static and rotating air seals. Our rotating components unit routinely manufactures disks, IBR/BLISK, shafts and hubs machined from various alloys, inclusive of powder metal.  Our new EBTEC facility is a AS9100 Rev. D certified, 83,500 square foot facility located in East Windsor CT.  Four new air-plasma HVOF coating booths, three new five-axis LASERDYNE Fiber Laser Machining Systems with new laser technology further expands the company's four existing fiber laser systems and compliments five additional conventional laser systems. Other new machines include; CNC milling machines, vertical turning machines, laser marking systems, vision inspection systems, a five-axis PAR Vector Abrasive Waterjet, additional CMM inspection machine, and a major rebuild of all of its electron beam welding technology. Additional services include the design and manufacture of precision molds, fixtures, gauges and complex machine tool component design and build.

 Hanwha Aerospace USA is a division of Hanwha Aerospace. As the only aircraft engine manufacturer in South Korea, Hanwha Aerospace has become a leader in the cutting-edge machinery industry, specializing in the development, production, and maintenance of aircraft engines. We advanced into the aircraft engine business in 1979, beginning with gas turbine engine depot maintenance. Since then, we have provided a wide range of gas turbine solutions to the world, including South Korea, and our cumulative production exceeded 8,000 units in 2016. Hanwha Aerospace aims to grow into a global leader in the aircraft engine field by ensuring customer satisfaction based on offering the best quality, price, and delivery competitiveness.

Company Details:
5 McKee Place
Cheshire, CT 06410
Tel: (860)667-2134
Fax: (860)594-5171
Web Site: www.hanwhaaerospaceusa.com 

Key Contacts:
Name: Dongwan Yoo
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: (860) 667-2134

Name:Dan Cleary
Title:  Director of Business Development
Telephone: (860) 900-0434

Number of Employees

Special Technologies:

  • World class concurrent engineering and new product development embedded within value streams 
  • Facility footprint consolidated and optimally configured for lean processes, cellular manufacturing and integrated "centers of excellence"
  • Special Processes: Broach, Balance, FPI, Shotpeen, Stack Projection, Sutton Barrel, Anti-gall, Paint, Wetblast, Waterjet
  • Integrated Flexible Manufacturing System providing lights out/closed loop machining 
  • Engine component processing capability up to 160" in diameter