Har-Conn Chrome Company

Core Competency:

Har-Conn is an FAA repair station providing metal finishing, painting, and anodizing services to the aerospace and high technology industries.

As one of the largest independently owned aerospace processing firms in the world, we have specialized in electroplated and related coatings for over seventy years which has built our outstanding reputation for for quality and service.

We apply engineering type electroplated and electroless coatings as well as dry film lubricants, sprayed high temperature coatings used for corrosion resistance, and chemical conversion coatings.  We can repair worn or mis-machined parts to restore dimensional tolerances and can accommodate a wide range of sizes including very small parts such as cobalt X-Ray elements, 1.6 million pieces to the kilogram, up to very large parts including jet engine turbine cases and landing gear cylinders.


Company Details:
603 New Park Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110
Tel: 860-236-6801
Fax: 860-570-2017
Web Site: www.har-conn.com  

Key Contacts:
Name: Timothy Backus
Title: President / CEO

Name: Daniel Backus
Title: Executive Vice President

Name: Bill Megofna
Title:  Director, Sales & Marketing


Number of Employees: