IMET Alloys

Core Competency:
IMET Alloys, an independent company, buys, sells, processes and manages titanium and superalloy materials generated in the form of solids/turnings throughout the aerospace manufacturing supply chain. By focusing on streaming material directly from source of generation directly to the mills, IMET deliver solutions which maximize your return.

Company Details:
75 Neal Court Road
Plainville, CT 06062
Tel: (704)225-9927

Key Contacts:
Name: Ruaraidh Williamson
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Name: David Wilder
Title: Commercial Director

Number of Employees:

Special Technologies:

* We specialize in titanium and superalloys, including next-generation alloys

* Deliver global materials management programs with site-specific solutions

* Manage buyback programs where we can collect, process, track and monitor the return of your materials

* Process, prepare and certify furnace-ready, aerospace-grade revert for specific mill melting requirements

* Buy revert directly from generators worldwide

* Maximize the value of lower-quality material forms such as contaminated turnings or grindings

* Provide certified mutilation programs, including secure transportation for your end-of-life engine parts


IMET Closed Loop Approach
Turnings Processing
Alloy Identification
Purchasing of Revert