Aeroswiss LLC

Core Competency:

Serving the Aerospace, Electronics, Medical and Industrial / Commercial communities since 1999. Aeroswiss is a full-service CNC Swiss and conventional machining company. From 0.020" to 13" diameter turning capacity and bar capacity of up to 3". Multi-function, Multi-axis modern machinery allows us to reduce set up, operations and control quality. A full feature, ISO accredited Quality Control area is equipped to assure quality of all aspects of our operations. Software, such as CAD, CADCAM, and ERP allows us to engineer our processes to ensure products meet all expectations.  As many as 125,000 capacity hours annually available with an "our job is to make your job easier," attitude.

Company Details:
20 Powers Drive
Meriden, CT 06451
Tel: (203) 634-4545
Fax: (203) 634-4555

Key Contacts:
Name: John Gullo
Title: President

Name: Lou Perez
Title:Vice President

Number of Employees:

Special Technologies:

  • Swiss machining of extreme length to diameter ratios
  • Micro Turning 
  • CNC Milling
  • Certified to ISO 9001; 2015 (as of October 2018)
Sample of Swiss micro machining
Micro Swiss machining of extreme length to diameter ratio shafts.
Sample of machined components