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ACM's Annual President's Meeting was conducted virtually. 
The Meeting Agenda is: ACM_Presidents_Meeting_May_2021.pdf
Please click this link for a video (~2hr 45min) of the meeting:  VIDEO of ACM Presidents Mtg May 2021
Presentation materials from each of the speakers is available for download:
John_Kibbee, Eversource
Richard Aboulafia, The Teal Group
Colin Cooper, CT Chief Mfg Officer
Kelli Vallieres, Vice Chair, CT Governor's Workforce Council
Ron Angelo, President CCAT
Jim Lombella, Regional President, CT Community Colleges


 ACM's Progressive Mfg. Team conducted a Zoom Technology Webinar on "Automation and Robotics & 14.0 Emerging Technologies". Slides from the webinar are available to view or download at:  ACM_March_18_2021_Progressive_Mfg_Lean_Webinar_Slides.pdf.   A recording of the webinar may be heard at: ; the passcode is b$Jh8!Na.


 ACM's WorkForce Development Team met on February 24th.  This meeting featured a presentation by Kelli Vallieres, CT DECD Executive Director for Workforce Strategy and Vice-Chair of the Governor's Workforce Council; her presentation is available to view or download at:   Workforce_Development_Team_Zoom_February_24_2021.pdf


 ACM's Progressive Mfg. Team conducted a Zoom meeting focused the Stanley X DeepHow training technology. Slides from the presentation are available to view or download at: Progressive_Team_Meeting_Slide_Deck_2_18_21.pdf.  A video of this presentation may be viewed at:  The video  Passcode is: DGs*A7W$.

A demo video is available at:  


 ACM's Business Development Team meeting of February 16th featured a presentation by Colin Cooper, CT Chief Manufacturing Office; Cooper's presentation is available to view or download at:  Colin_Cooper_Presentation_to_BD_Team_21621.pdf.

. 01/19/2021

 ACM's January 19th Business Development Meeting was conducted virtually; click link to view or download slides and video of the meeting:   BusDev_Team_Mtg_of_1-19-21.pdf


 ACM conducted a Progressive Mfg Lean Webinar "Lean During the COVID Era".  Listen to a panel discussion of lean business leaders as they address the issues and opportunities they are experiencing during these challenging times.  Please click the link below to view the video recording (1 hour long):  The password to access the video is:  W9*hhFn2


 INFO---Middletown High School is giving students hands-on experience in aerospace and advanced manufacturing, offering a new aerospace and manufacturing program with courses in drone and flight science, mechanical technology, and aerospace design.  Please view the following (2)  brief videos:  and


 ACM conducted a webinar featuring CT Gov. Ned Lamont, DECD Comm. David Lehman, CT Chief Mfg Officer Colin Cooper, COVID testing & contact tracing info and Q&A led by the ACM Board of Directors.  Please click the link below to view a video (~1hr 40min) of the webinar:  Slides presented at the webinar are available to view or download at this link: ACM_Webinar_PP_OCT_21_2020_.pptx


 ACM conducted a webinar, "Know your Cybersecurity Requirements".  Please click on the following link to be directed to a recording (1hr 5min) of the webinar:; enter your name and email address to view. Slides presented at the webinar are available to view or download at this link: ACM_Defense_Webinar_26Aug2020.pdf.


180 SKILLS Course -- New Connecticut initiative for incumbent training!!.
Click on this link to access "CONNECTICUT - 180 Skills Course License Request Form",
Click on this link to view/download detailed information on 180 Skills from webinar presented by the ACM:  180_Presentation_ACM.pdf.


ACM's July 14th Business Development Team Meeting was conducted virtually; click link to view or download slides and video of the meeting:


 ACM Progressive Manufacturing Webinar of June 18th; click link to view or download slides from the webinar:


ACM's June 14th Business Development Meeting was conducted virtually; click link to view or download slides and video of the meeting:


 ACM's Annual President's Meeting was conducted virtually.  Please click the filename below for a video (~1hr30min) of the meeting and the presentation materials:


 ACM Business Development Team Covid-19 Webinar; click link to view or download slides from the webinar: ACM_Business_Development_Team_Webinar_April_21_2020_Web_Version.pptx  

A video recording is also available for this webinar; click on the link below and when asked, enter password: 4L!$$3DX


 Live Interviews from the Nov 20, 2019 AEROSPACE ALLEY! TRADESHOW;
Ari Santiago of "Made in America" interviews ACM President Pedro Soto (Hygrade Technologies), Michael Forrest (Forrest Machine), Jeff Whittaker (American Cladding Technologies) and Colin Cooper (CT Chief Manufacturing Officer): CLICK HERE!


Ari Santiago of "Made in America" interviews Michael Polo (ACMT), Al Pucino (Goodwin College), Brian Montanari (Habco), Jackie Gallo (Whitcraft Eastford) and Sal Menzo (Superintendent, Wallingford Schools): CLICK HERE!


Front & Center Podcast- Nov. 17, 2016: Aerospace industry takes off in Connecticut by Dan Lovallo;  WDRC-The Talk of Connecticut
An interview with CT DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith and ACM President Chris DiPentima (Pegasus Mfg) (22min:30sec)


EDAC posts CY2011's 4th Quarter Financial results; see EDAC_4Q11-release-FINAL.pdf


EDAC Technologies to Consolidate Several Manufacturing Operations in Newly Acquired Facility
See Press Release: EDAC_Plainville_Facilities_Release-FINAL-021712.pdf


Emily DeRocco, President of the Manufacturing Institute (Washington, DC) met with ACM firms to disucss the national credentialing program for high school and college students preparing to become entry level aerospace workers. The following link is the complete presentation including a panel discussion moderated by Judith Resnick (Director, Educational Foundation, CBIA):


ACM 'Future WorkForce Opportunities" Fair - TV Coverage by FoxCTNews


CT Governor Dannel Malloy visits ACM members at Business Development Team Meeting - June 28, 2011 - Trumpf, Inc, Farmington, CT (~29 mins)
Click on this link:


Advanced Machining Technology at Volvo Aero CT (Manufacturing Engineering Magazine - March 2011)
Mfg_Engr_Magazine_-_Volvo_Aero_CT_-_Mar_2011.pdf (20M file)


CT Governor Dannel Malloy visits Volvo Aero CT (Newington)




Television News Coverage (CBS-WFSB Channel 3) of ACM "Future Workforce Opportunities" Fair, October 13, 2010


"Aviation Week & Space Technology" article on ACM published 7-26-2010




Volvo Aero CT announces New Organization / Top Level Management


Simtech Inc. receives ISO9001 Certification


ACM President Paul Murphy appears on WVIT "CT Newsmakers" discussing development of workforce for local aerospace industry; aired on 5-31-09.


EDAC Technologies purchases MTU AENAmanufacturing unit in Connecticut


Aero Gear (Windsor) begins Factory Expansion




Habcowins NASA's"Space Flight Awareness Supplier" Award -- University of Hartford "Observer", Winter 2008


Lean Value Solutions announces Mr. Akira Takenaka joins their Consulting Staff
2/14/2007 Kamatics wins Pratt & Whitney Gold Level Supplier Award
4/13/2006 Hartford Courant Article: Aero Gear Gets Contract to Provide Replacement Parts for Older Planes, Helicopters; Senator Dodd meets with ACM
4/2/2006 Hartford Courant Article 4-2-06 regarding Lean & Whitcraft LLC
1/26/2006 News Release: Whitcraft LLC acquires A.O.Sherman


Metals Testing receives Rolls Royce Approval for UT
5/19/2005 Gov. Rell Announces New 'Lean Mfg" Initiative for Aerospace and Defense Suppliers
10/29/2004 Delta Industries wins P&W Gold Level Supplier Award October 2004
6/14/2004 Hartford Business Journal Article of 6-14-2004, "Beating the Global Market"
6/9/2004 Hartford Courant Article on June 8, 2004 ACM Trade Show
6/8/2004 Manchester Journal Inquirer Article on June 8, 2004 ACM Trade Show
6/8/2004 ACM June 8, 2004 News Clip (WFSB) - 30 sec - requires REAL Player
6/8/2004 Manchester Journal Inquirer Interview w/ Cliff Lawton (CBS Mfg)
5/23/2004 Letter from Clifford Lawton, CBS, "Outsourcing is Another Threat to Jobs", published in NY Times, CT Section, on May 23, 2004
5/14/2004 Habco announces approval by GSA
2/27/2004 Metals Testing Co. approved by Hamilton Sundstrand for Ultrasonic Testing
2/23/2004 CT's Aerospace Components Manufacturers Cluster Awarded $212,500 for Lean Pilot Program
11/24/2003 Metals Testing Co. approved by Sikorsky for UT and Passivation
10/18/2003 News Release 10-18-03 Peening Technologies announces Namechange
3/1/2003 Metals Testing Company received P&W Approval for FPI on Fracture Critical Parts
1/1/2003 Metals Testing Company makes available a Tech Brief for Ultrasonic Testing Shadow Variations
10/29/2002 Project Inc. wins Quality Award from Pratt&Whitney Canada
9/26/2002 Metals Testing makes Bondline Testing Available
8/26/2002 Hartford Business Journal "Lean Thinking Keeps state manufacturers competitive"
8/15/2002 Metals Testing Corp approved by Rolls Royce for Ultrasonic Inspection.
7/24/2002 Kamatics acquires bearing manufacturing company, RWG, of Dachsback, Germany
7/18/2002 "Keep Your Eye on the Process" article in APS (Association of Productivity Specialists)Review
7/3/2002 Hydro Honing has earned the very first NADCAP certification ever awarded to a shot peening facility.
6/14/2002 Hartford Courant "Aerospace: Companies Urged to Collaborate", ACM Internal Trade Show, June 11, 2002, by Barbara Nagy
5/24/2002 ACM's Mission Statement
5/15/2002 "Getting the skinny on The State of Lean", Article in CT Business Magazine, April/May 2002