PTI Industries, Inc.

Core Competency:

PTI Industries has proudly served the aerospace industry with quality, accuracy and reliability for over 40 years. PTI Offers: FPI, MPI, Passivation, Magnesium Coatings, Adhesive Bonding, Precision Cleaning & Testing, Additive Component Processing, Dry Film Lubrication and Pressure Testing. 

PTI Industries is a NADCAP approved supplier.


Company Details:
2 Peerless Way
Enfield, CT 06082
Tel: 860-698-9266
Toll Free: 800-318-8438
Fax: 860-698-6794
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Name: Harley Dulude
Title: President

Key Contacts:
Name: Katie Legowski
Title: Business Development Manager

Number of Employees

Special Technologies:

* Non-Destructive Testing: Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Fluorescent and Liquid Penetrant Inspection (FPI & LPI)

* Nitric & Citric Passivation of Stainless Steel

* Magnesium Coatings: Dow 7 Chemical Conversion Coating, Dow 17 Magnesium Anodize & Dow 19 Chromic Acid Coating

* Dry Film Lubricant (DFL) / Solid Film Lubricant (SFL) / Anti-Gall

* Adhesive Bonding: RTV & Silicone Bonding, Epoxy Bonding, Metal to Metal Bonding, Telfon Bonding & Vespel Bonding

* Media Blasting: Aluminum Oxide, Glass & Plastic

* Precision Cleaning: Ultrasonic Cleaning, Aqueous Immersion, CO 2 SnoGun, Turbulent Flushing, Vapor Degreasing, High Pressure Spray, Titanium Cleaning

* Quantitative Cleanliness Testing

* Cleanroom Assembly Service

* Additive Manufactured / 3-D Printed Component Processing: Powder Evacuation, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Flush, Pressure Testing