Spartan Aerospace LLC

Core Competency:

Spartan Aerospace is a global provider of aircraft engine, power generation, and military vehicle parts. We manufacture precision components and have an engineering team to help design and prototype. Our quality control systems ensure that each product is created to its exact specifications - that's why we have earned so many accreditation's.  Leading companies rely on Spartan for everything from small stampings and brackets to critical machined and welded products.

Company Details:
41 Progress Drive
Manchester, CT 06042
Tel: (860) 533-7500

Key Contacts:
Name: Allan Lehrer
Title: President

Name: Alan Kick
Title: Vice President Sales

Number of Employees:

Special Technologies:

  • Laser Cutting
  • Forming
  • Stamping
  • TIG Welding, Resistance Welding, Automatic Welding
  • Roll Forming & Expanding
  • 5-Axis Machining
  • 3D Printing
  • NADCAP Certified Nonconventional Machining
  • NADCAP Certified NDT
  • NADCAP Certified Welding
  • AS9100D with ISO 9001:2005
  • ISO 14001:2015
5-Axis CNC Milling Machines Part Envelope up to 46"X 23"X 23"
The Stratasys Fortus 360mc uses a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing technology, also called Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). A thermoplastic filament is pushed and melted through an extruder, to be deposited layer after layer to create a 3D printed part.