Technical Metal Finishing, A Sinto America Company

Core Competency: 
  Manufacturing/Production Services - "Core"
     -Surface Finishing by Cut-Wire Peening and Vibratory
       Milling of Turbine Airfoil Coatings.
     -High Pressure Steel-Shot Peening of Compressor and
      Turbine Airfoil Root Forms and Seal Rings.
     -Super-Finishing of Aero Engine Turbine and Compressor
     -Surface Peening of Medical Implants.
     -Lance Peening of Deep Holes.
     - Bundled special process services
  Surface Finishing Equipment Design - "Growth"
     -Build and Use to Support Our Own Production.
     -Build and Sell to Support OEM Requirements.
  Surface Finish Equipment  Maintenance - "Maturing"
      TPM and Classification Services upon request

Company Details:
29 Capital Drive
Wallingford, CT 06492
Tel: 203-284-7825
Fax: 203-284-7826
Web Site:

Key Contacts:
Name: Wood Chhit
Title: General Manager
Tel: 475-289-0624

Name: Terence Helm
Title: Quality & Engineering Manager
Tel: 203-232-9464

Name: John Helm
Title: Vice President
Tel: 203-641-3179

Number of Employees:

Special Technologies:

  • Cut-wire - Pressure Peen
  • Ceramic Bead Peen per AMS 2430
  • Glass Bead Peen per AMS 2430
  • Steel Shot Peen per AMS 2430/AMS2431
  • Vibratory Milling
  • Super-Finishing (RA <20 micro-inches)
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Tooling Design
  • Peen Equipment Design & Build
TMF Manufacturing Facility
Peening of ring spacers, hubs and disks
Super-Finishing of Turbine Airfoils
Peening and Finishing of Compressor Airfoils