Trumpf, Inc.

Core Competency:
TRUMPF Inc. is dedicated to serving the fabricating machinery, OEM laser and laser-marking needs of the North American markets and is the largest manufacturer of fabricating machinery in the United States.  

Company Details:
111 Hyde Road
Farmington Industrial Park
Farmington, CT 06032
Tel: (860)255-6000
Fax: (860)678-1704
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Key Contacts:
Name: Burke Doar
Title: Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (860)255-6652

Name: Ramsey Cook
Title: Project Manager Business Development Micro-Machining
Telephone: (860)255-6394
Email: ramsey.cookfjbasbcinnus.trumpfoxryaeixkjcom

Number of Employees

Special Technologies:

  • Machine Tools - punching, nibbling, forming, laser cutting, combination machining, bending, tube processing, high speed measuring.
  • Laser Technology - High powered CO2 and solid-state lasers for cutting, welding or marking applications in industrial fabrication.
  • Electronics/Medical Technology - dc power supplies and radio-frequency generators for laser, induction and vacuum technology, including surgery tables, systems for physical therapy, and systems for high frequency and laser surgery.
  • Power Tools - power tools for cutting, fastening and shaping. 

TRUMATIC L 3050 flat sheet laser cutters offers unparalleled mix of speed, versatility and precision, equipped with rapid changeover and setup features, and are compatible with advanced automation. Operating on the principle of "flying optics", the cutting head moves while the work piece stays stationary to ensure maximum performance.
Punching Force: 20 tonsMax. X/Y Speed: 4300 inch/min. Max. Stroke Rate: 900/min; 2200/min marking 360 Degree Tool Rotation: 3 rotations/sec. Max. Sheet Thickness: 0.25 inch Tool Stations: 19 (190 with Multi-tool) Working Range: (X,Y) 100 inch x 50 inch
TRUMPFs V Series hydraulic CNC press brakes are synonymous with flexible, efficient and effective part bending. TRUMPFs unique die shifting feature along with an intelligent 6-axis back-gauge, and options like ACB (Automatically Controlled Bending) makes the V Series the premier press brakes in the industry.
TRUMPF laser marking system features excellent beam quality, which guarantees a fine and constant typeface. Laser power from 3 W to 120 W Wavelengths of 532 nm and 1064 nm capable of marking all kinds of materials, without pre- and post- treatment.