Whitcraft LLC

Core Competency:
Whitcraft LLC is an ISO 9002 certified and AS 9000 compliant manufacturer specializing in formed sheet metal parts such as air seals, bracket assemblies, and heat shields; precision machined components; and fabricated parts such as combustors and manifold assemblies which are formed, welded, and machined. Whitcraft's diverse manufacturing capabilities include high-pressure sheet metal forming, spinning, precision machining, laser cutting, and welding. "Core" operations performed by outside vendors include brazing, plating, coating, and heat treating.  

Company Details:
76 County Road
Eastford, CT 06242
Tel: (860)974-0786
Fax: (860)974-3705
Web Site:  www.whitcraftgroup.com 

Key Contacts:
Name: Colin Cooper
Title: CEO

Name: Len Jay
Title: Director, Strategic Business Development 

Number of Employees

Special Technologies:

  • Sheet Metal Cutting (CNC laser,CNC Punch, Shearing)
  • Sheet Metal Forming (Hydroform, Hot Form, CNC Press Breaks, Spinning)
  • Machining (CNC Milling, CNC Turning, EDM)
  • Welding (Resistance, MIG, TIG, etc.)
  • Tooling (In house design & fabrication)
  • Engineering (CAD/CAM - Unigraphics, MasterCam)